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If you’re looking for a motorhome or caravan servicing centre in Bolton the Peter Bowman Towing Centre is an NCC approved workshop, where all our services are carried out by fully trained technicians. Find out about our servicing workshop, plus tips and advice on caravan care and more.

The Peter Bowman Towing Centre is an NCC approved workshop serving Bolton and surrounding areas. Here you can find out what our servicing includes as well as caravan care tips and more.

If you’re looking for a caravan or motorhome service in Bolton the peter bowman towing centre is an NCC approved workshop, where all our services are carried out by fully trained technicians. We always use genuine parts whenever possible and all our services are carried out in accordance with the most up to date specifications. We are an approved centre for all the following manufacturers:

Whale, Alde, Truma, Dometic, Spinflo, Tyrom, Therford and Al-Ko.

During your caravan or motorhome service we will check the bodywork and fixings of your vehicle, the running gear and chassis, gas supply, water system and electrical system.


Our caravan or motorhome services include a thorough check of your vehicles hot water system, water pump, water pressure and water heater, including a full clean of the grit filter. We also check all taps, shower and toilet operation including toilet seals. We check for leaks in the waste system and water filter and housing, and will replace the water filter if necessary.


Our electrical system checks involve thorough testing of your motorhome’s wiring system, including fuses, plugs and sockets. We also check the condition and operation of all vehicle lighting including the vehicles internal lighting system, external lights and awning lights. We will check the condition, electrolyte level, lubrication terminals and general security of the vehicles battery and charge it if necessary. We also perform checks on the vehicles smoke alarm, fridge, RCD unit and the operation of MCB’s, pin plugs and finally carry out earth testing of any 240v mains sockets.

Running Gear

Our running gear checks include a complete tyre check, this includes checking the condition pressure and age assessment of all vehicle tyres and spare tyre, as well as inspection of tyres for any damage or distortion. A thorough brake check is also carried out, this includes the removal of brake drums, and the cleaning, adjustment and inspection of brake shoes. We check the vehicles handbrake operation and lubricate if necessary. We also carry out vechicle suspension checks, shock absorber checks, damper and corner steady checks. The vechicles damper and corner steadies are checked thoroughly for performance, signs of damage, and leaks and then lubricated if necessary. We also check the vehicles head and safety hatch for wear, and lubricate this if necessary also.


Our chassis checks include checking the security of the chassis, lubrication of legs and brake linkage. We also inspect the vehicles jockey wheel for signs of wear and damage and lubricate.

Bodywork and Fixings

The bodywork and fixings checks include the inspection of sealant on grab handles and security sealing, window seals and roof light seals, as well as all exterior sealants. We then report any sealant damage and the overall condition of the sealants. We test windows and doors for operation and lubricate if necessary, and also inspect all window locks, hinges and window stays. We will also test the interior of your motorhome for damp using a damp metre, and readings are then recorded on a report.

Gas and Appliances We perform gas pressure and gas leak tests, the gas pressure test includes testing of vents, flues and gas pipes. Gas dispersal holes are checked for blockage, and the gas cylinder is checked for security. Our appliance checks include testing the fridge for cooling, testing of cooking appliances and testing of the water heater

The Towing Centre – an Approved Workshop

What is an Approved Workshop?

To be an approved workshop, the workshop must pass the annual inspection set by the Approved Workshop Scheme. The Approved Workshop Scheme is a joint organisation set up by the NCC, Caravan Club and the Caravan and camping club. To pass the scheme, the workshop must demonstrate compliance with rigorous high standards. The scheme ensures all servicing work is carried out correctly by fully trained and qualified professionals.

Approved Workshops Must:

As well as a high standard of work, Approved Workshops must also meet high customer service standards. This means communicating with the client before, during and after caravan or motor home servicing, showing transparency throughout. Approved Workshops must not begin work without client’s express authority. If additional work is required, the workshop must contact the client to request permission. If this additional work is likely to exceed additional costs of £150, the workshop must provide the client with a pricing estimate. The workshop must also give an estimated service completion time and offer a suitable time for caravan collection. Once work is completed, the workshop must provide the client with a thorough checklist of the work carried out. If faults have not been able to be rectified during the service, the workshop must notify the client of such faults and include an honest and accurate evaluation of their urgency.

Finding an Approved Workshop

The Peter Bowman Towing Centre is an approved motor home and caravan workshop serving Manchester and surrounding areas, including Bolton. Our workshop can be found in an approved list of centres on the official Approved Workshop website.
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